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In addition to the many diverse global initiatives to conserve water, reduce pollution levels in water systems, and provide water to those communities in need of this critical resource, there exists the opportunity to increase local water supplies by extracting water out of the air. To date, the air has not been considered a serious source of water, but it is.

The opportunity to harvest the atmosphere’s water is particularly compelling in humid and warm climates. Through the natural process of condensation, existing and inexpensive technologies can be integrated to build Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) to produce water from an untapped source— the air around us.

HYDRO:GEN (formerly VENA 2.0) is the largest large-scale water condenser today that does not run on electricity.HYDRO:GEN’s assembly is free of moving, complex mechanical parts, and polluting coolants, and requires only the energy embodied in the materials and installation. The airflow rushing up the solar draft tower creates a vacuum, which draws fresh air through intake pipes and into a condensation chamber. Earth-air exchangers enable the above ground humid air to be pulled underground where the colder subterranean temperatures cool the moist air until the dew point temperature is achieved, at which point water can begin to condense. The dew is then captured in a sterile container. This captured water can be readily pumped to the surface and filtered to remove air-borne particulates to ensure that it is immediately available for human consumption.


Program: Technology
Status: Prototype Under Construction
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