ORE worked closely with the Brownsville Community Justice Center to design a photo kiosk to be placed around several areas of Brownsville in Brooklyn, New York.  Youth participants of BCJC provided the photographs displayed on one side, which are currently of stunning murals located in the neighborhood.  The pictures will be updated through the year.  The other side portrays a map with highlighted destinations for public art, libraries, parks, and other institutions.


The structure is the prototype for the DOT’s new standard illuminated kiosks meant to activate the spaces under elevated trains and roads throughout New York City.  The first Brownsville kiosk is stationed on the corner of Livonia and Rockaway Avenues, with plans for two more.  One will focus on the area’s libraries and the other on local parks.


In an area that doesn’t often receive the resources necessary to create projects like this, the “Best of Brownsville” concept is hopefully a sign of progress for residents.

Fabricated in Brooklyn 


An interesting response came about as the Art Kiosks became an open dialogue about gentrification, please read this article on Gothamist: ‘Best Of Brownsville’ Street Kiosk Triggers Local Gentrification Fears

Client: Brownsville Community Justice Center and the NYC Department of Transportation
Program: Community
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Status: Complete
Photos: Layman Lee, Community Solutions, Katie Edmonds