Dekalb Market Food Hall 

In the former location of  our original Dekalb Market, ORE was hired to turn a basement into a venue for 40 food vendors from around Brooklyn.

Basement before build-out 

More an infrastructural design project (the client requested each tenant to be responsible for their own design as a “planned chaos” aesthetic), ORE needed to determine a strategy to bring plumbing, gas, electricity cold storage, fire suppression, and most importantly HVAC and kitchen venting to a basement not originally intended to house a food hall.  Over-coming low ceiling heights and existing structure/duct work ORE created multiple schemes for tenant layouts to act as vertical chases, housing the new infrastructure between tenant partitions.  ORE specified and designed a custom room for an industrial-sized electrostatic precipitator to increase the design load venting capacity.

Client: Washington Square Development Group 
Program: Food Hall
Location: Downtown Brooklyn, NY
Area:  40,000 sf
Status: Complete 2017