40,000 Square Foot Farm at JFK, Terminal 5, New York

JetBlue hired ORE to design a farm that could reside temporarily at their Terminal 5 location at JFK airport.  The aim of this project was to offset stormwater landing on a (then) unused portion of the terminal.  As built, JetBlue Farm annually retains over 90,000 gallons of rainwater, diverting this from entering the combined stormwater/sewer system leading to the Jamaica Bay eco-system.

The Farm is also aimed at combating solar heat-gain from large paved surfaces, by providing vegetated shade over the existing hardscape.

Beyond the sustainability goals this project was designed to achieve, the Farm was placed adjacent to the JetBlue employee break lounge, providing an outdoor area and activity to engage with.  Employees were encouraged to visit the farm and harvest as many vegetables, fruit or herbs as they wished.  Any leftover crops were brought into the indoor break area to be eaten during breaks or taken home by employees.

Farm as break-room:

Front Gate as Signage:

Client: JetBlue
Program: Modular Urban Farm
Location: JFK Terminal 5 New York, NY
Size: 40,000 sf.
Status: Completed 2016
Consultants: GrowNYC