Clear PVC plumbing is found where visual monitoring of processes is critical, such as food and pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, hospitals, chemical installations, and research centers. When such facilities are renovated or demolished, the clear PVC pipes end up in the landfill. ORE was intrigued by this material, and knew there was a more interesting second life for it. Lumas is made from salvaged clear PVC pipe, sandblasted to appear as soft white pipes or conduit, until the switch is flipped. With a click, light flows like water, rendering the opaque translucent.

High output MR-16 LED’s along Lumas’ inner lengths transform it into glowing ribbons. Twisting through space, bands of light can be sculptural elements, way finding, and highlights. Lumas can also seamlessly transition into directed spot lighting. Each connection piece is hung by a stainless steel tie, which also runs power to the LED lamps. The system is completely modular via threaded end pieces for multiple configurations. Each length of pipe can be cut, heat-bent, and finished to virtually any shape. Lumas is flexible, adapting to individual needs.