MGB POPS! Community Market Space, Brownsville Brooklyn, NY

Made in Brownsville graduate in front of MIB murals

MGB POPS was a direct response to residents’ requests for more retail and food options in a neighborhood that suffers from historically low outside commercial investment.

Existing Site Prior to  mgbPOPS! Activation


Initial Conceptual Rendering




Open For Business!

Local Brownsville residents raised the subject to have resident-led change for the neighborhood at the first Hope Summit, a large-scale community-planning meeting coordinated by Community Solutions.


Building the POPs!

1.  ORE Hired and Trained local community members to Build the Project   2. MIB Creating the Mural  3. Community Design Meeting   4. Restaurant Pods Delivered

MGB POPS! highlighted the talents of local makers, artists and entrepreneurs. The marketplace was a project of local Brownsville Brooklyn residents coordinated by the national nonprofit Community Solutions with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) in concert with the Ocean Hill-Brownsville Neighborhood Improvement Association (OHBNIA).


The Market!

1. Made In Brownsville’s Kiosk   2. Local start-up caterer Everything Sticks’ Restaurant Box.  

  • Made In Brownsville’s Kiosk


The marketplace was home to free-standing vendor kiosks and stores housed in modified shipping containers, replete with the wares of local entrepreneurs and businesses. When the shops open, residents will find locally made clothing, food, accessories, cosmetics and more. MGB POPS won’t just cater to locals, but will offer a new destination for residents citywide to purchase local food and crafts, and build on Brooklyn’s well-known reputation as a hub for artists and entrepreneurs.

Kiosks as Virtual Storefront

Testing the kiosks prototype

Flexible Shelving



Kiosks closed during off-hours

Kiosks as Storefronts

“Country”(community resident who helped build mgbPOPS!) and his family

Chris (community resident who helped build mgbPOPS!) and son




Client: Community Solutions, Brownsville Partnership, New York City Economic Development Corporation, Ocean Hill-Brownsville Neighborhood Improvement Association
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Area: 2,500 sf
Status: Completed 2014
Mural: Quardean Lewis-Allen, Made in Brownsville