1.  Shipping Containers  2. Shipping Container Interior  3. Shipping Container Interior Vertical Grower  4. Showcase of Greens  5. Community Workshop  6. Farm Location Exterior 


ORE is thrilled to have worked with Square Roots in the design of their first campus here in Brooklyn.  Located within the former Pfizer Building, the campus will serve as an entrepreneurial headquarters for Square Roots.

To combat a lack of fresh, accessible food in urban areas, Square Roots utilizes the technology of Freight Farms’ re-purposed shipping containers and ZipGrow’s vertical growing towers to hydroponically grow an array of fresh food.  A mere 320 square foot container is able to produce as much food as two acres of farmland does annually.  These containers are located in the parking lot of the Pfizer Building.

Brooklyn is the first of many of these campuses, allowing people living in cities a chance to be close to their food.  In order for people to regain some control over what they eat, Square Roots provides locally sourced, incredibly fresh, and undeniably healthy plants.

Apply now if you’d like to join the food revolution.

Client: Square Roots
Program: Community
Area: 14,000 sf
Status: Completed
Photos: ©Square Roots