Closed-Loop Campus in Redhook 

A New York Developer based asked ORE to create a conceptual sketch for a property in Redhook.

Creating value with floating real estate:

After analysis ORE proposed the largest value-add for this land asset would be to activate large Henry Street Basin (water) parcel with floating architecture.  This approach would also be the most environmentally sensitive.  The site has development rights extending into this basin.  Rather than risk disturbing the polluted basin bed we propose to re-purpose a common element to this area, flat barges, into platforms for hurricane rated, kit-of-part structures.  These industrial, warehouse structural kits are an extremely cost-effective way to create interesting studio and office spaces on the water with views of the city and the bay.



Economy Feeds Ecology:

ORE created three distinct areas to generate site activity and revenue for the development: The Floating Offices,  Adaptive reuse of the historic (currently un-used and in need of repair) Erie Basin Grain Silos, and a 4-season container market hall.  The container market will act as a hinge between the commercial offices and studio spaces; prepared food and events acting as a destination for the neighborhood and other boroughs.