244 Madison Avenue Apartment

The owners of the apartment at 244 Madison Avenue, a young couple expecting their first baby, approached ORE to combine the existing 500 sf. studio they owned with the adjacent 500 sf. studio they recently purchased. Working with ORE to determine the look and feel of their new home, it quickly became apparent that budget was paramount.

The central storage wall cleaves the apartment into bars of public and private space. This wall is comprised of prefabricated IKEA storage boxes, mounted such that the voids between boxes become open shelving. Off-the-shelf items such as these and inexpensive industrial light fixtures proved to be a cost effective solution.

The apartment is housed in a former Hallmark printing factory, and by using probes in the dropped ceiling, it was discovered that the original building possessed a unique warmth and character. ORE decided to expose the original ceiling, washing it with light from coves; its richly textured surface provides a complementary contrast to the clean lines and sleek surfaces of the walls and other surfaces.

Program: Interior Renovation
Location: New York, NY
Area: 1,000 sf
Status: Completed