Water Mill Residence, New York 

Photo by Paul Domzal

ORE was commissioned to design a multi-generational home for a family, sited at the edge of a natural swale, on six acres in Water Mill, New York. ORE’s first ground-up project is sited adjacent to the idyllic Peconic Land Trust in Southampton. At roughly 7,500 sf, the central home replaces an existing structure and frames a number of views unique to the surrounding landscape. Each wing of the house will serve various functions focusing on entertainment and retreat. Working with the clients to understand their unique and long-term intentions, dining and art collection gallery spaces are distributed throughout inviting visitors to explore and enjoy all areas of the home and the landscape.

In many ways, the design offers a modern interpretation of vernacular building typologies. The gabled roof form references the old salt-box construction of homes typical to the Northeast. The clean, standing seam,  zinc cladding references agricultural buildings on adjacent farmland. Landscape elements will incorporate native species and serve as screens from unwanted sights and sounds, and link the interior spaces out to the surrounding landscape.

Photo by Paul Domzal

Main House Interiors (just moved in!):

main house wine cellar


guest cottage Photo by Paul Domzal


Client: Not Disclosed
Location: Water Mill, NY
Contractor: Consiglio Builders
Area: 7,500 sf mainhouse, 1,000 sf cottage, and 1,000 sf garage on 6 acres of landscape